Double-digit growth is shown by Armenian cargo and passenger transportation

The Statistical Committee registered an increase by 11,2% attained by cargo shipments in January-June 2022 compared to the previous year’s same period.
1% growth was shown by rail shipments, 12,9% – by automobile shipments, 5,3% – by air shipments (cargo shipments carried out by airlines of other countries included), 18,4% – by “trunk pipeline” shipments.
All types of vehicles totally shipped 8 million 332,6 thousand tons of cargo.
As for passenger transport, an increase by 40,4% (71,million 030.5 thousand people transported) was attained by passenger transportation by general-use transport vehicles.
An increase by 22,5% was attained by railway passenger transportation, 43,9% – by automobile transport, 75,6% – by air transport (aircraft of other countries included), and 25,4% – by electric transport .
It is important to remember that only the volume of taxi services by legal entities, which fell down by 23,4% compared to the previous year, is shown by the automobile transport passenger indicator.
This increase of cargo and passenger transportation testifies that the sectors are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic effects.

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