More than USD 135 Million is attracted in investments by Local Startups in 2021

According to Nenad Popovic, the minister in charge of innovations and technological development, the latest issue of the regular annual report of the American organization Startup Genome highlights the excellent results of the Serbian startup ecosystem.
Serbia was announced to be a world leader in attracting foreign direct investments per capita.
The website of the Government of Serbia emphasizes on the increase by 600% compared to the previous year in 2021 (local startups had attracted over USD 135 million in investments) and on the realization of over USD 1.7 billion in tech-sector export revenues.
According to the minister, the extraordinary work of Serbian engineers, innovators, technical faculties, private initiatives such as the Digital Serbia, legal and strategic acts adopted by the state in the preceding five years, as well as other systemic measures of the government and its institutions and organizations made the positive trend in the development of the innovation ecosystem of Serbia possible.
This report says that the adoption of the Strategy of the Development of the Startup Ecosystem from 2021 to 2025 is one of the most important steps forward, aimed to accelerate the development of the startup ecosystem and incite innovations.
The upgrade of the infrastructure and support programs, the affirmation of entrepreneurial education on all levels is entailed by this. 1,200 active startups in Serbia is the overall goal.
They rate gaming and the blockchain sector as the strongest ones in the ecosystem of Serbia. Over 2,200 people were employed by the gaming industry in 2012, and the income close to EUR 200 million was realized by it.
So, Nordeus’ becoming part of Take Two is especially important. It has also made Serbia a top destination for the development of blockchain-based products.
The amount of USD 58.6 million was precisely the one of the most noticed investments received by the blockchain development platform Tenderly.
The high level of activities and the development of programs and organizations which provide support to local startup teams, such as the Group of Business Angels, founded by the Digital Serbia Initiative, were recognized as the main advantages by the report.

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