Serbia Exports the Most Wheat to Italy

Last month, Serbia exported 31,000 tonnes of wheat to Italy, which maintains its position as the largest wheat importer from our country, according to data from the association “Žitounija.”

Furthermore, around 19,000 tonnes of grain were delivered to the Romanian port of Constanta last month, as announced by the Association.

“Other quantities were exported to Albania, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2022, from July to June this year, Italy was the main buyer. This trend continues, and I hope it stays that way. Two years ago, there was a slight decline in sales, but in 2022, we exported 200,000 tonnes of grain to that market,” said Zdravko Šajatović, director of “Žitounija,” in an interview with Politika.

The first month of the current economic year brings better results for millers who exported nearly 16,000 tonnes of flour, which is about 20 percent higher than the previous monthly average.

As explained, a possible reason for the export growth is that some countries had lower yields but also slightly lower prices on the market. The average export price of flour was slightly over 280 euros per tonne in July, as reported by Politika.

“That was quite cheap, but wheat was also inexpensive. I believe that prices will gradually increase, both for wheat and flour. Geopolitical factors significantly influence the grain price, which is beneficial for us as an exporting country,” concluded Šajatović.

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