Uzbekistan, China strengthening interregional cooperation

In order to widely use the potential of the regions of Uzbekistan and China in the further development of trade-economic and investment cooperation between the two countries, the Embassy of our country organized a “business workshop” with the participation of representatives of the authorities and business circles of Karakalpakstan, Namangan region and the Chinese province of Hebei.

Representatives of Uzpharmagency, Uzkimyosanoat and Uztuqimachiliksanoat also took part in the event with thematic presentations.

During the meeting, presentations were made of the main sectors of the regional economy, their potentials for further development of trade and investment exchange, and projects for joint implementation were presented.

Following the event, the parties agreed to draw up a joint work plan with the definition of specific areas of cooperation and activities, prepare bilateral documents for signing in order to create a legal framework for cooperation, as well as conduct additional bilateral negotiations between companies in the regions to discuss in detail the projects proposed during the presentation in such industries, like textiles, chemicals, agriculture, building materials and others.

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