Armenia announces need to increase annual amount of trade with Iran to $1bn

Ambassador of Armenia to Iran, emphasizing the need to increase his country’s trade volume with Iran, said that efforts are made to increase Iran-Armenia annual trade volume to one billion US dollars, IRNA reported.

Ambassador Arsen Avagyan in his Friday evening meeting with the governor-general of East Azarbaijan Province said that Iran’s neighboring provinces with Armenia have great importance for his country, and requested the governor-general for establishment of a consular office in Tabriz.

“We are ready to have face to face meetings between the two countries merchants and businessmen and we invite West Azarbaijan province merchants and officials to visit Armenia’s Syunik Province,” he said.

Ambassador Avagyan further reiterated that Araks border river is of significant importance for both Iran and Armenia and to ease the emerged environmental worries one of the mines has been shut down till required moves will be made to eliminate the environmental hazards.

He said that East Azarbaijan Province is the closest transit route for Armenia, and buying the manufactured goods in that province is among Armenia’s priorities.

The governor of East Azarbaijan Province, for his part, emphasized that that province is quite ready for boosting trade with neighboring countries, including Armenia, and said that one of the basic policies of the 13th Government is increasing interactions with neighboring countries, and the provinces have the required authorities for the purpose.

Abedin Khorram said that increased trade and business between the two provinces of East Azarbaijan and Syunik is quite favorable for Iran.

Khorram also referred to the supreme scientific status of East Azarbaijan Province in Iran, announcing that province’s readiness for establishment of a joint science and technology park, which can be turned into a regional export hub.

He said that the Araks River is of great importance for Iran, and therefore Iran expects Armenia to take major steps to control the entry of mining sewage water into it.

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