Armenia’s economic activity index grows 10.2% in five months

Armenia’s economic activity index increased by 10.2% in January-May 2022 compared to January-May 2021, the Statistical Committee said.

The industrial production volume increased by 2.7%, that of construction by 11.4% in January-May 2022 compared to the same period of 2021.

8.9% increase was registered in trade turnover in the same period.

The services volume recorded 24.9% increase.

The consumer price index increased by 7.7% in January-May 2022.

The index of industrial production prices increased by 9.6%, and the electricity production volume by 13.1%.

36.6% increase was registered in external trade turnover volumes. The export growth comprised 27.5%, and the import growth – 42.2%.

The dram exchange rate against the US dollar comprised 477.34 drams in January-May 2022.

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