20.3% products were imported from Turkey in January

According to GEOSTAT, the share of the ten largest import partner countries in the total import of Georgia reached 70% in January. Georgia imported 20.3% of products from Turkey in the mentioned period.
Turkey (203.1 million USD, 20.3%), Russia (148.4 million USD, 14.8%), China (76.4 million USD, 7.6%), the USA (72.491 million USD, 7.2%), Germany (53.214 million USD, 5.3%), Azerbaijan (2.069 million USD, 5.2%), Italy (28.805 million USD, 2.9%), United Arab Emirates (26.375 million USD (2.6%), Iran (21.317 million USD, 2.1%), Poland (19.259 million USD, 1.9%) are the ten largest import partner countries of Georgia in January 2024.
The share of the rest of the countries in imports is 30% (301.276 million USD).
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