Amounts of Moldovan fruit export to EU are increased

An agricultural household that owns 19 hectares of orchards is run by Igor Ivanov from Mălăiesti, Orhei. The farmer had to plant new trees of a different generation to export fruit to the community market. Three loads of plums were delivered by him to Germany last year, but for that international certifications were needed, and certain sanitary requirements had to be complied with, according to the government’s communication and protocol department.
According to the entrepreneur, the apples harvested from an orchard sector went to processing this year, and the trees will be deforested. The farmer argues that they have directly given the apples from the classic orchard to the processing factories for the last two years. Meanwhile, he shows the new orchard, the object of his pride. This super-intensive orchard is equipped with irrigation, hail protection and spring frost protection. A good price for Gala apples is expected this year as well as in the past. As Igor Ivanov said, this apple variety is appreciated on the European market, as well as in the countries of Central Asia. He also underlines higher European requirements compared to our traditional market.
The quotas for several categories of duty-free imported products were more than doubled by the European Union at the request of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in July. It mainly concerned plums, grapes and apples. According to the data of the Ministry of Economy, in recent years the producers in Moldova exported plums and table grapes above the volume of the agreed quotas, assuming the taxes related to the export.
As Minister of Economy Sergiu Gaibu says, they have ensured an increase of more than two and a half times for plums, and it has covered, in fact, all the exports of plums in any direction that Moldovan producers previously made. Negotiations with Egypt concerning apples were also initiated by the Government. The aim is to allow tax-free exports of apples to this country, importing a significant volume of apples.

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