An increase by 95.5% has been attained by Georgia’s garlic imports.

The National Statistics Office reports that 2,845.45 tons of garlic were imported by Georgia in 2022 and 1,455.40 tons in 2021. Garlic worth $1,687.41 million was brought by the country in 2022, while in 2021 imports amounted to $ 804.09 thousand.
The biggest amount of garlic in the last 13 years was bought by the country during the pandemic in 2020. According to Sakstat, Georgia imported a record amount of garlic (2,845.45 tons) in 2020.
45% of the total garlic imports in 2022 are accounted for China. Georgia imported 1,278.90 tons of garlic worth $ 777.78 thousand from China last year.
533.65 tons of garlic (19% of the total imports) made Turkey the second largest garlic importing country.

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