The volume of the trade turnover between Georgia and the USA

A 6.3%-share makes the United States of America one of the TOP-5 largest trading partners of Georgia.
According to official statistics, during 2022, Georgia-USA trade turnover amounted to USD 1 billion 206 million. Trade between the countries increased by 43.1% compared to the same period in 2021.
78% of the total trade turnover with the USA accounts for imports, while 22% – for exports.
USD 941.3 million was spent this year by Georgia on American goods (45.2% increase compared to the previous year).
The largest part in the imports was taken by the share of light vehicles (88.5%).
Cars (USD 833.2 million), meat and poultry products (USD 7.7 million, 7 471 tons), other goods (USD 6.7 million), used clothes and products -(USD 6.1 million, 440 tons), transmitting radiotelephone equipment (USD 5.8 million, 3 tons), liquid crystal devices (USD 4.9 million, 10 tons), nuts (USD 4.8 million, 1 765 tons), frozen fish (USD 4.8 million, 2 405 tons), food products (USD 4.5 million, 114 tons), oilcake and other solid waste (USD 4 million, 7 234 tons) were top-10 importing commodities.
USD 265 million was earned by the country on exports of goods in the USA in 202 (a 36.2% increase compared to 2021).
Ferroalloys (USD 232.6 million, 102 185 tons), diodes, transistors and similar semiconductor devices (USD 6.8 million, 838 tons), natural grape wines (USD 5.2 million, 1,039 tons), fruit and vegetable juices (USD 2.7 million, 1 809 tons), pipes, tubes and hollow profiles, seamless, made of black metal (USD 1.9 million, 1 253 tons), aircraft parts (USD 1.7 million, 5 tons), non-denatured ethyl alcohol (USD 1.6 million, 660 tons), furniture and its parts (USD 1.5 million, 347 tons), products for transportation of goods (USD 1.3 million, 438 tons), mineral and fresh waters (USD 1.2 million, 2 123 tons) were top-10 exporting commodities.

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