An increase by 14.7% was shown by Georgian external trade with top trading partners (Turkey, Russia, US) in January-November

A 14.7 percent year-on-year increase was posted by the Georgian external trade turnover in January-November, totally amounting to $19.62 billion.
According to the National Statistics office, the top trading partners of Georgia in its total external trade turnover between January and November were Turkey ($2.71 billion), Russia ($2.19 billion) and the United States ($1.84 billion).
Azerbaijan ($787.8mln), Armenia ($710.7mln) and Kazakhstan ($649.2mln) were the country’s top trading partners by exports, while Turkey ($2.32bln), the US ($1.76bln) and Russia ($1.58bln) topped imports.
Motor vehicles ($1.94 billion, 34.9 percent of total exports), copper ores and concentrates ($472.2 million, 8.5 percent), wine of fresh grapes ($240.3 million, 4.3 percent) were the top export items. Motor vehicles ($2.88 billion, 20.5 percent of the total imports), petroleum and petroleum oils ($1.05 billion, 7.5 percent) and medical drugs ($489.6 million, 3.5 percent) were included in the three top import commodities.
The growth by 11.1 percent was attained by the value of exports that totally reached $5.58 billion. Imports also increased by 16.3 percent and amounted to $14.04 billion in the reporting period.
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