Better Business Climate in Serbia is Expected by Few Austrian Companies Next Year

According to the Embassy of Austria in Belgrade, where the results of the survey carried out among the Austrian companies about the business climate in Serbia were presented, 800 branch offices of Austrian companies operate in Serbia, securing 23,000 jobs. Austrian investments in Serbia amount to EUR 3.6 billion.
As Juergen Schroeder, the trade adviser at the Embassy of Austria, pointed out, in 2022 the export of goods from Austria to Serbia had been higher than EUR 1 billion. They expected the results for 2023, still not known, to exceed those from the previous year.
He said that it is good that, in the survey carried out, the economic climate in Serbia in this year has not been characterized as worsened compared to 2022, but it is bad that the expectations of business people from the next year are not good.
The results of the survey say that only seven percent of those surveyed expect the business climate to improve in the next year, whereas 44% believe that the state of the economy will remain unchanged and the same percentage of the subjects believe that it will worsen.
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