EEC minister claims that work on development of cross-border trust space is stepped up by EEU

As Varos Simonyan, a Eurasian Economic Commission (executive arm of EEU) Minister for Internal Markets, Information and Communication Technologies, said in an interview with, putting the trusted third party service into commercial operation this year is the goal of building cross-border trust space across the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).
He emphasized on the necessity of cross border trust space for implementation of legally relevant interstate electronic document management and development of information exchange in the EEU.
According to the minister, draft rules for the recognition of digital electronic signatures in electronic documents and ensuring the validity of electronic documents in cross-border information interaction of legal entities with state authorities of EEU member states has been developed by the EEC.
He also added that a trusted third party service will be used as a universal mechanism for the provision of interstate services in electronic form.
Data protection in cross-border information exchange in the current geopolitical conditions also got a special attention.
According to Simonyan, an active work is being done by the EEC and the countries to create a secure data transmission network and joint development of specialized cryptographic information protection tools.

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