Deputy Head of Central Bank recognizes high rates of economic growth of Armenia

According to Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Armen Nurbekyan, Armenian economy growth continues at high rates.
As he said, presenting the annual report on the Central Bank’s activities at a meeting of the parliamentary standing committee on financial-credit and budgetary issues today, high external demand in the services sector, as well as by growth in the construction sector, largely facilitates this process.
Nurbekyan said that a significant increase in the number of foreign clients and financial flows in 2022 made the exchange rate of the Armenian national currency strengthen significantly in both nominal and real terms.
Nurbekyan highlighted that the rise in prices of imported goods starting from Q 3 2022 was substantially restrained by the Armenian dram’s strengthening, which manifested itself in parallel with growth in external demand.
The National Statistical Committee registered an increase by 12.2% of Armenia’s economic activity in January-March 2023 compared to January-March 2022.

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