Goods transit through Turkmenistan is permitted

Transit cargo transportation through the territory of Turkmenistan has been allowed to carry out since June 1.
The Transport Ministry of Uzbekistan announces that drivers of vehicles of foreign states move around the country through the checkpoints “Serakhs (Iran) – Serakhs (Turkmenistan)”, “Farab (Turkmenistan) – Olot (Uzbekistan)” and “Sarakhs (Turkmenistan) – Sarakhs (Iran)”.
The following requirements and conditions must be respected during transit cargo transportation across the country:
– all the documents necessary for registration of the process of transit traffic must be provided by drivers of vehicles of foreign states when crossing the state border of Turkmenistan to undergo special sanitary procedures;
– sanitary treatment in accordance with the established procedure is obligatory for motor vehicles;
– a negative PCR test (passed at least 72 hours before crossing the state border), a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 (at least 42 days from the date of the last vaccination) must be provided when crossing the border,;
– you must take an express test for COVID-19 at border checkpoints;
– the organizational set of cars (trucks) cargo will carry out the transportation through the territory of Turkmenistan;
– they will form convoys of trucks at a distance of 1 kilometer from the Uzbek-Iranian border;
– the motorcade starts to be created at 08:00 in the morning;
– special vehicles of the traffic police control a convoy of trucks. Drivers mustn’t park and leave the cab while driving;
– a column of freight vehicles can stop only at specially designated parking lots for drivers to rest, maintain vehicles, refuel and purchase necessary food products;
– vehicles that have malfunctions or other problems during the movement, are separated from the convoy. In this situation, practical assistance in solving the problem is provided by the employees of the internal affairs bodies, in cooperation with the Turkmen Road Transport Agency.

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