Integration helps Russia and Belarus effectively resist Western sanctions

Integration helps Russia and Belarus effectively resist Western sanctions, says ambassador.
Due to reduction of gas prices granted by Russia, Belarusian production has become cheaper and more competitive.
An effective resistance to Western sanctions is possible because of an intensive integration of Russia and Belarus in the frames of a Union State, according to Russia’s Ambassador to Minsk Boris Gryzlov.
He noticed that this policy of sanctions makes counties collaborate more closely to become more confident.
A lot of Belarusian businesses are present on Russian market and take part in the Russian State order. This makes Russian producers pay more attention to the quality of their goods and services. It helps the both sides to develop.
According to the ambassador, lower prices on gas for Belarusian businesses gave them the possibility to make their production cheaper and more competitive.
The project of unification of tax and customs legislation in 2022 was mentioned by the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Minsk.
He also said that there were plans to make a “joint integrated entity to control taxes”. He added that in 2023 Russia and Belarus want to organize one oil and electricity market.
The electric power industry granted to the Belarusian GDP a 14% growth because of the introduction of the first unit [of Belarusian Nuclear power plant] in operation. It means that we have a united electricity market.
Some European states reject Belorussian electricity, but our two counties can consume it themselves, so, a common electricity market is needed.