Joint border point project between Georgia and Azerbaijan is discussed by Georgian FM and ADB country director

As the Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday, the project for the construction of a joint border crossing point between Georgia and Azerbaijan for further developing regional trade and transit has been discussed at the meeting between Georgian Finance Minister Lasha Khutsishvili and Shane Rosenthal, the Asian Development Bank Country Director for Georgia.
An agreement on establishing the crossing point on the border has already been signed by the two countries, and the aim of today’s meeting was to discuss ADB’s involvement, as both countries are member states of the Bank.
As Rosenthal said at the meeting, further development of infrastructure of border crossing points is a “logical continuation of the large road infrastructure projects already supported by the Asian Development Bank”.
According to the Country Director, the utilization of the transit potential between Georgia and Azerbaijan and the process of establishing the former country as a transit hub would be “significantly contributed” to by the checkpoint.
Traffic bridging between Georgia and Azerbaijan is being operated by the following checkpoints: Boyuk-Kasik in Azerbaijan and Gardabani in Georgia, Mazymgara in Azerbaijan and Tsodna in Georgia, Ipek Yolu in Azerbaijan and Abreshumis Gza in Georgia, Sadakhli Azerbaijan and Vakhtangisi in Georgia, Mughanli in Azerbaijan and Samtattskaro in Georgia, as well as the Red Bridge crossing between the two countries.

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