The trade between Kazakhstan and China increases.

According to, trade turnover between Kazakhstan and China reached $1.4 billion as of January (53.4% up compared to the previous year).
The Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms reports that China’s share is 16.1 percent of the country’s foreign trade turnover.
In the first month of this year exports to China exceeded imports (77.9 % up over the year) and reached $771.7 million. China’s share of total exports from Kazakhstan reached 12.7%.
Imports reached $648.5 million (31.8 % up). It is 23.8 % of the total volume of imports to Kazakhstan.
The National Bank’s statistics informs that the obligations of Kazakh residents to Chinese investors as of Oct. 1, 2021 reached $13.5 billion (0.4 percent growth compared to a year earlier). After a two-year decline this indicator rose slightly.
The majority of finance ($2.8 billion) was allocated to the manufacturing industry in Kazakhstan by investors from China by October 2021. They also made investments in the sphere of transport and warehousing ($2.6 billion), trade and car repair ($2.1 billion).
In January – September 2021 the gross inflow of Chinese direct investments amounted to $1.5 billion. It is 2.9 times more than a year earlier ($521.8 million in January – September 2020).
1,500 companies with Chinese capital operate in the country as of March 1 (increase 17.4% compared to the previous year).
The wholesale, retail trade, car repair, construction and mining industries are the spheres most of these companies are engaged in.

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