Presidential decree: Exporters will be provided with benefits and subsidies

According to the document, exporters will receive subsidies to compensate for expenses, including up to 70% of transportation costs, young entrepreneurs will receive loans and more.

The presidential decree “On additional measures to support participants in foreign trade activities” will strengthen measures to support and stimulate the export activities of domestic business entities.

In particular, from April 1, 2022 until April 1, 2023, domestic enterprises (their authorized representatives) when exporting high value-added products to the countries of the European Union are provided with subsidies to compensate for transportation costs in the amount of up to 70%.

Also from April 1:

ꞏ when exporting high value-added products to neighboring countries, subsidies are provided to compensate for transportation costs in the amount of up to 50%;
ꞏ expenses related to the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies by an accreditation body that is a member of international organizations ILAC/IAF are reimbursed by the Export Promotion Agency;
ꞏ the amount of prepayment required when business entities export goods (except for special types of goods), works and services on the basis of invoices without concluding an agreement is reduced from 100% to 50%.

In addition, a list of high value-added products will be approved, the export of which will be provided with subsidies to compensate for transportation costs. This list will be regularly published on the Unified Exporter Support Portal.

The procedure for prohibiting the use of benefits on customs payments during customs clearance of goods that are in the customs warehouse regime for a period of more than six months is cancelled.

In order to further support youth entrepreneurship, including stimulating activities for the production of export-oriented products and the provision of services based on innovative technologies, loans up to $500,000 will be allocated from the Young Entrepreneurs Support Fund based on decisions of the Government Commission.

In order to provide foreign trade companies with working capital, Uztrade and Uzsanoatexport JSCs will be allocated $10 million from the Export Support Fund.

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