Trade turnover between Kazakhstan-Turkey rises to $1.5bn

Turkey takes the third place as Kazakhstan’s foreign trade partner (6.5% of trade turnover). According to the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Finance, 4.2% of Kazakhstan’s total imports, and 7.2% of its exports are accounted for this country. In the first quarter of this year Kazakhstan’s exports to Turkey reached $1,254.9mln and imports $236.3mln. Total foreign trade increased by $1bln. $885mln (70.7% of the total exports) were accounted for fuel and energy commodities, which were in great demand from Turkey in reported period. The second place was taken by metals and metallic items ($324mln or 25.9% of the total exports). Products of animal and vegetable origin, textile items, machine technology, chemical products were also exported by Turkey this year. Machine technology, instruments, and devices worth $62mln (26.2% of the total amount) were imported by Kazakhstan from Turkey. The second most imported commodities from Turkey in January – March are textile and textile items ($47.5mln or 20% of the total imports). Kazakhstan – Tukey trade turnover reached $803.1mln in the same period of last year (545.2mln exports and $257.8mln imports).

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