Increase of 15.7% in volume of dry cargo transported through Port of Baku recorded

Due to the technical capabilities of the Port of Baku, the provision of efficiency in transportation with the application of modern logistics solutions, comfortable conditions for cargo owners, and many other factors, the volume of cargo attracted to the port is increasing intensively. In addition to the increase in the total volume of cargo transported through the Port of Baku, an increase in individual types of cargo is also recorded. If in the first half of last year more than 576,000 tons of dry cargo were transported through the Port of Baku, in the first half of this year this indicator was more than 666,000 tons, which means an increase of 15.7%. Thus, it is predicted that the growth will continue until the end of this year.

Positive dynamics is also observed in yearly statistical indicators of dry cargo transportation. 28,436 tons of dry cargo were transported through the Port of Baku in 2018, 133,953 tons in 2019, 253,853 tons in 2020, and more than 347,450 tons in 2021, which, when compared with statistics for 2018 and 2021, enables us to see an increase of more than 12 times.

The main part of the dry cargo transported through the Port of Baku consists of fertilizer products sent from Central Asian countries to Georgia, Turkiye and a number of European countries. At the same time, the construction of a Fertilizer Terminal with an annual capacity of 2.5 million tons is currently underway in the Port of Baku, and with the start of operation of this terminal, it is predicted that there will be a significant increase in the volume of fertilizer products transported in transit through Azerbaijan.

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