Increased truck traffic at three customs posts

The Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova has announced that at this time there is an increased traffic of goods trucks in Sculeni, Leuseni and Giurgiulesti customs posts, on the way out of the Republic of Moldova. For the time being, the Customs Service can process all transactions. “However, given that the territory between … Read more

Economic potential between Moldova, Iran likely to increase

Moldovan agricultural producers could export to the Iranian market. According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, following a meeting between CCI head Sergiu Harea and Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Moldova Manouchehr Moradi, the main categories of products that can be exported to the Iranian market were identified: corn, flower seeds … Read more

Customs Service launched online tool to facilitate trade

Customs Service announced today that it has launched an online trade facilitation tool (ITC-WCO Rules of Origin Facilitator), which allows the identification of information related to trade agreements, customs duties applicable according to the final destination, rules of origin specific to each product, as well as information on certificates of origin. According to the quoted … Read more

Moldova has enough salt stocks – ministry of economy says

importer of record service moldova

Regarding the concerns of the population regarding the supply of salt, the Ministry of Economy specified that the Republic of Moldova has sufficient stocks. More than a thousand tonnes of food salt (iodine and non-iodine) were imported in both January and February. Salt importers confirmed that there is no problem in ensuring Moldova’s domestic demand … Read more