Exports of electric cars more than doubled in January to August 2023 compared with the same period a year earlier

Roughly 520,000 electric cars exported to the value of 23.9 billion euros
Number of exported cars with combustion engine increased by 1.1 million, up 9.7% from the previous year’s level
Exports and imports of hybrid vehicles declining

From January to August 2023, 520,000 electric cars were exported; their value amounted to 23.9 billion euros. The number of electric vehicles exported therefore more than doubled (+103.9%) compared with the same period a year earlier (255,000 vehicles to the value of 12.0 billion euros). The largest number of electronic cars was delivered to Belgium in the first eight months (73,000), followed by the Netherlands (72,000) and the United Kingdom (71,000). A total of 51,000 electronic cars were exported to the United States.

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