Georgian Railway discusses prospects of Middle Corridor with Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan

At the meeting, the parties approved their 2022 Action Plan, which involves measures to increase the awareness of the project, and questions of service of new transit cargo, the Georgian railroad company said. Photo: Georgian Railway A delegation from Georgian Railway joined counterparts from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan on Wednesday in Ankara to discuss the … Read more

Economy Minister discusses trade, economic relations with Japan’s Deputy Foreign Minister

The Georgian Minister stressed the importance of “higher liberalisation” of the trade relations for increasing trade turnover between the two states, and noted Japan had recognised the “favourable investment climate” developed by the Georgian Government over the recent years. Photo: Georgian Economy Ministry Bilateral trade relations between Georgia and Japan and the two countries’ cooperation … Read more

Georgian Revenue Service: all products under international sanctions list subject to strict customs control

The customs body also noted export of sanctioned goods imported to Georgia was “strictly controlled” to make sure Russian or Belarusian goods do not end up in the countries participating in the sanctions or vice-versa. Any type of goods, both military and dual-use, as well as all products included in the international sanctions imposed by … Read more

Turkey, China, Russia Georgia’s top trading partners in January-March 2022

Turkey ($562.4 million), China ($461.9 million) and Russia ($383.3 million) were the top trading partners of Georgia in its total external trade turnover in January-March 2022, preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia show. Georgia’s top partners by exports in January-March 2022 were China ($220 million), Azerbaijan ($125.4 million) and Russia ($109.8 million), … Read more

Georgia’s Foreign Trade Up 38% in January-March

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in the first three months of 2022 amounted to USD 3.87 billion – a 38% increase compared to the same period last year, according to express data released by the National Statistics Office (Geostat) on April 13. Exports increased by 43.3% year-over-year to USD 1.17 billion, while imports went up 35.8%, … Read more

“Any and all” cargo passing through Georgia subject to “tight customs control” – Revenue Service

The Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia has “categorically” declared that “any and all cargo”, including the goods in the list of international sanctions against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, is subject to “tight customs control” by the Georgian authorities. The state agency made the statement on Wednesday in response … Read more

Export, transit cargos from Kazakhstan to be redirected to Georgian corridor

Export and transit cargos from Kazakhstan will be redirected to the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TMTM) crossing Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, Kairbek Uskenbayev, the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan, announced on Tuesday. The Russian news agency Tass cited Uskenbayev as saying Kazakhstan had reached an agreement with Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to … Read more

Georgian domestic exports up 54.5% in January-February 2022


Georgia has exported locally produced goods worth $760.4 million in January-February 2022, which is 54.5 percent higher year-on-year, preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) show. Local exports in the country accounted for 73.1 percent of total exports in the reporting period, amounting to $555.8 million, 51.7 percent higher compared to January-February … Read more

Georgia’s Foreign Trade Up 49.2% in January-February

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in the first two months of 2022 reached USD 2.54 billion – a 49.2% surge compared to the same period last year, according to express data released by the National Statistics Office (Geostat) on March 14. Exports increased by 54.5% year-over-year to USD 760.4 million, while imports went up 47%, reaching … Read more

Medication imports from Turkey have reduced prices by 60-80%, PM says

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General prices for medicines on the Georgian local market have been reduced by 60-80 percent following the import of medications from Turkey, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said earlier today. The Government head said the import of medical drugs from Turkish-based producers, an initiative aimed at effecting a reduction of costs locally, had forced down … Read more