Export of Kazakhstan cargoes via TITR increased by 2.7 times

Transportations of goods by rail along the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR) demonstrates a positive trend, press service of KTZ informs. Stable growth is facilitated by a set of measures taken by KTZ for the development of the corridor. In January-March 2023, transportation on the TITR route increased by 63.7% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 433.2 thousand tons. More than 4000 twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEU) were transported. The largest growth of 2.7 times fell on exports from Kazakhstan, import shipments also increased by 22%. Unleashing the potential of TITR for NC KTZ JSC and the country as a whole is today one of the main transport vectors. Over the past year, a lot of work has been done, in view of the changing geopolitical situation, the load on the route has increased significantly. It is important to understand that a multimodal route links a number of countries and requires several cargo transshipments through seaports. Together with the participants of the route, measures are taken daily to improve the infrastructure, remove barriers, increase the capacity of the corridor and reduce the time for the movement of goods. To date, tomato paste, chemicals and equipment are transported in transit from China in containers to Southern Europe and Turkey. Non-ferrous metals, ferroalloys, lentils, grain cargoes and much more are being loaded from Kazakhstan,” says Kairat Utyapov, head of KTZ Express JSC. The development of the corridor is also facilitated by the implementation of large infrastructure projects along the route, including the construction of second railway tracks at the Dostyk-Moiynty section, a container hub in the port of Aktau, and a bypass railway line at Almaty station.

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