Serbia, China agree to lift air traffic restrictions

Serbia and China have signed a memorandum to remove air traffic restrictions between the two countries, the Serbian government said.

This agreement will enable the free operation of air transport between China and Serbia, without the restrictions that existed until now for both Chinese and Serbian air carriers, infrastructure minister Goran Vesic said in a press release on Monday.

The memorandum will also enable codeshare agreements between Chinese and Serbian carriers as well as lifting all restrictions on the number of landings and the use of aircraft of other airlines.

“The essence of this memorandum is that there is a free sky between China and Serbia. We believe that in the future we will also have such an agreement in other areas, such as trade,” said Vesic.

Currently, China’s Hainan operates two weekly flights to Belgrade and Air Serbia operates a once-weekly service connecting Belgrade and Tianjin.

Photo: Government of Serbia

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