Kazakhstan to reduce sugar imports by 32% and rise of fertiliser export prices by 77.1%

Kazakhstan to reduce sugar imports by 32%
«Kazakhstan will reduce sugar imports by 32% to raise the home-produced sugar supplies at the domestic markets from 7% to 43%,» Kazakh Agriculture Minister Yerbol Karashukeyev said. RELATED NEWS Crime rate drops by 7.6% in Kazakhstan Kazakh Health Minister says, COVID-19 pandemic ‘far from over’ Bill on biological safety reflects lessons Kazakhstan learnt from global pandemic – Minister Lowest garbage recycling rate recorded in Akmola region «Annual sugar consumption in Kazakhstan stands at 532,000 tons. Out of which 7% account for sugar produced in the country due to irrigation water scarcity, sugar-beets labor-intensive growing methods, sugar-mills worn-out state, price dumping by Russian producers,» he told the Government meeting. He noted that it is expected to increase sugar-beet gross yield from 332,000 tons to 1.8 mln tons by solving the problem of water supplies, an extension of cultivated areas from 14,500 ha to 38,000 ha, technical equipment, as well as launching the projects for updating and construction of a sugar mill with the infrastructure development of the industry. Consequently, it is targeted to raise sugar production sevenfold up to 254,000 tons, and to reduce sugar imports by 32%.

Kazakhstan sees fertilizer export prices rise by 77.1%
Mineral and chemical fertilizer production dropped in Kazakhstan. Nitrogen fertilizer production declined by 1.9% to 112.6 thousand tons and phosphate fertilizer production by 3.8% to 48.7 thousand tons, Kaiznform cites energyprom.kz. Kazakhstan exported 59.2 thousand tons of fertilizer worth $32.7mln in January-February this year. Fertilizer export dropped by 40.5% and rose by a 1.5-time rise in cash in the country. Much fertilizer was exported to Ukraine: 26 thousand tons, which is almost half of the amount exported in January-February 2021. Uzbekistan and Estonia were the second and third largest importers of Kazakh fertilizer – 15 thousand tons and five thousand tons, respectively. Kazakhstan saw fertilizer export prices rose by 77.1% in a year in February this year. There was a 9.7% rise in fertilizer export prices in 2021, and a 17.3% decline in February 2020.

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