Customs service revenues amounted to about 688 million lei last week

Customs Service revenues to the state budget amounted to over 687.9 million lei on 18 -25 April, up by 23.3% than the budget burden set for this period.

According to the institution, the private people set out goods whose value in customs exceeds the non-taxable limit, collected payments amounting to over 8.3 million lei, which is 1.2% of the total amount collected for that period.

“During the last week, 10,360 customs declarations were made, and the flow of means of transport was 74,242 crossings. The most transited customs posts remain to be Leușeni and Sculeni, with 20,960 and 15,526 crossings, respectively ”, the Customs Service said.

Regarding the fight against fraud, during the period covered, 74 violations of the customs legislation were found and fines worth over 332 thousand lei were applied. The most frequent violations refer to the exceeding of the term on the territory of the Republic of Moldova of the means of transport with foreign numbers, declared by action.

Since the beginning of this year, the Customs Service has collected 9.2 billion lei to the state budget, up by 25.9% compared to the revenues of the period of 2021.

The section Online traffic at border customs posts can be accessed on the website of the Customs Service. Here you can consult in real time the situation in the border customs posts: Leușeni, Tudora, Giurgiulești, Sculeni, Otaci and Palanca.

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