Kazakhstan’s Exports Significantly Increase in First Five Months of 2022

Kazakhstan boosted its exports to $34.2 billion between January and May 2022, a 37.2 percent rise compared to the same period last year, the Kazakh Trade and Integration Ministry reported on Aug. 8.

The increase is driven by the country’s surge in exports to Georgia, Canada, Morocco, South Korea, Japan and Türkiye over the reporting period.

The Central Asian countries, Russia and other Eurasian Economic Union member states, China, Türkiye, European countries, the United States and Iran remain the top markets for Kazakhstan’s exports.

Promoting domestic products abroad is one of the key priorities for Kazakhstan. The ministry provides exporters financial assistance in the form of guarantees, subsidies and insurance, among other measures.

From January to May, Kazakhstan’s exports to Georgia increased seven-fold. Photo credit: inform.kz

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