Moldova has enough salt stocks – ministry of economy says

Regarding the concerns of the population regarding the supply of salt, the Ministry of Economy specified that the Republic of Moldova has sufficient stocks. More than a thousand tonnes of food salt (iodine and non-iodine) were imported in both January and February.

Salt importers confirmed that there is no problem in ensuring Moldova’s domestic demand for this product.

“Although salt is mainly imported from Ukraine (85%), the product is brought to the country from other markets, including Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Italy. Respectively, traders will replenish stocks in these and other markets. Artificial panic and slower adaptation to changes in supply chain demand are causing some temporary distortions in shelf supply. In this context, the Ministry of Economy reiterates the message that there is no reason to panic in this regard and there is no risk that certain categories of products will disappear from trade “, it is said in the communiqué issued by the institution.

In connection with the increase in prices for some products, the Ministry specifies that, in general, there is a global inflationary process, which directly affects the prices in our country for all products, not just salt. The costs of logistics services have been steadily rising since mid-2021, and they continue to rise as international fuel prices rise.

The Ministry of Economy announces that the Government has developed mechanisms to support citizens, through programs targeted at vulnerable groups and has capped the commercial addition to a number of socially important products in this time of crisis.

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