Moldovan authorities establish plan on facilitating export of perishable products

The National Food Safety Agency (ANSA) and the Customs Service today established more measures for facilitating and promoting the export of perishable agricultural products made in Moldova.

The action plan is stipulated in the common order on the procedure of charging customs duties for perishable farming goods from Moldova, signed by the leaderships of the two institutions.

„The document contains the mechanism of facilitating and prioritizing the export of easily perishable products and the process of crossing of the state border with this type of goods. Thus, on the period of the emergency state, in order to ensure the best conditions for the export of perishable agricultural products by ANSA and Customs Service representatives, decision-makers will ensure conditions necessary for the charging of customs duties and carrying across the customs border, as a priority, of perishable products exported from Moldova,’’ ANSA said.

The export of perishable goods made in Moldova will be prioritized and, at the crossing, the lane AEO will be used, on which the marking PRIORITY PERISHABLE TRANSPORT will be set. Also, ANSA inspectors, at the issuance of phyto-sanitary/sanitary and veterinary certificates for the goods stipulated in the common order, will issue the marking PRIORITY PERISHABLE TRANSPORT for each transport unit. It will be placed on the wind screen of trucks, which will export perishable agricultural products made in Moldova and will serve as ground for the priority crossing of the border.

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