Efforts of Georgia’s honorary consuls serving to promote investment, business environment of country are “greatly appreciated” by the Economy minister

The hope for an active promotion of Georgia as a country with the “best investment and business environment” by all honorary consuls in their countries of residence was expressed by the vice prime minister, and their efforts made in this direction were “highly appreciated” by him.
As it was said by Levan Davitashvili, the economy minister, and vice prime minister on Sunday at the thematic panel on economic diplomacy within the framework of the conference of Honorary Consuls of Georgia “Cooperation for Strong Partnership”, a particularly important role for Georgia in presenting the country “positively” in the international arena, disseminating objective information, sharing investment and tourism potential, as well as increasing awareness, is played by the Honorary Consulate Institute.
According to Davitashvili, a “significant” contribution to the implementation of the 12-point conditions established by the European Council for granting Georgia the European Union membership candidate status, which involved the sustainable, “stable” development and prosperity of the country, would be made by honorary consuls’ “purposeful and proactive” activities.
The fact that the world has been facing “many unexpected and complex challenges”, including the “unprecedented and severe” pandemic and geopolitical challenges that affected security and economy, as well as humanitarian and ecological aspects was stressed by Davitashvili. The “greatest importance” of “thoughtful and balanced” international cooperation, as well as enhancing relations with partners and strengthening ties with “other participants of the world community” was also highlighted by the ministers.
Georgia’s historical aspiration to become a member of […] the EU and NATO is closer to it as never before. According to the economy minister, an increased economic engagement with the EU and its member states, and increased economic interactions with Europe, which means more jobs, a growing economy and the development of not only Georgia but also the region, are granted by the progress of the country towards the big European family.
The importance of Georgia’s energy, transport-logistics, tourism and investment potential, “especially” against the background of geopolitical challenges, which has “further increased” the function of the country as a “connecting link” of the East, South and West in the region was emphasized by Davitashvili. He underlined that the country has “repeatedly proved” being a “reliable partner” of the civilised world.
According to the vice prime minister, all the efforts of honorary consuls to “actively promote” Georgia as a country with the “best investment and business environment” in their countries of residence were “highly appreciated”.
They also highlighted the reforms facilitating the set-up of business and investments in Georgia at the thematic panel. According to the ministry, the foreign trade policy, international trade agreements and existing trade regimes in force in the country were presented to the honorary consuls. They paid “special attention” to Georgia’s involvement in international transit and energy projects.

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