EU accounts for over half of Ukraine’s agricultural exports last year

In 2022, Ukraine exported $13.1 billion worth of agri-food products to the European Union, which is 56% of total agricultural exports ($23.4 billion).
“In 2022, Ukraine received the main part of revenues from the export of agri-food products to the European Union countries. The total worth of supplies to the EU totaled $13.1 billion, i.e. 56% of all agricultural exports. To a large extent, this is due to forced circumstances as a result of the war because our seaports were actually blocked from the end of February to August last year,” the Ukrainian Agriculture Export Association informs.

Dairy product exports saw especially noticeable changes in geographical structure. In 2022, the sale of dairy products to the European Union totaled $102 million. In particular, Poland, Israel, and the Netherlands bought dry and condensed milk (the share of total exports was 38%), Poland, Moldova, Azerbaijan – butter and milk pastes (69%), Kazakhstan, Poland, Moldova – cheeses (85%).

Last year, the major importers of Ukrainian-produced poultry meat were the Netherlands ($252 million), Saudi Arabia ($220 million), and Slovakia ($65 million), whose combined share in the export of this item reached 63%. Eggs were supplied mainly to the markets of Singapore, Latvia, and the Netherlands, which accounted for 69% of the total volume of sales.

Honey was traditionally sold mainly to the European Union markets, namely: Germany ($38 million), Poland ($24 million), France ($11 million).

Poland ($108 million), Germany ($29 million), France ($20 million), Italy ($19 million), the Netherlands ($16 million), Austria ($14 million), the Czech Republic ($11 million), and Azerbaijan ($10 million) were the major buyers of horticultural products. Frozen berries and fruits were primarily exported to Poland, Germany, and Italy (combined share – 71%).

Walnuts were exported mainly to France, Azerbaijan, and Greece (36% in total). Apples and pears were exported to Belarus, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

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