Government Limits Prices of Oil, Sugar and Flour – Export of Pellets Allowed Until January 31, 2023

At today’s session, the Government of Serbia adopted the Decree on Limiting the Prices of Basic Foodstuffs, whereby the price of edible sunflower oil must not exceed RSD 219.99 per liter, the price of white crystal sugar is limited at RSD 114.99 per kilogram, and the price of T-400 type flour is limited at RSD 84.7 per kilogram.

To the end of preventing a greater disturbance and preserving the living standard of the populace, with the amended Decree, the Government has limited the prices of oil derivatives, and considering that the costs of the operations of the business entities which trade oil derivatives have increased, it has been decided to increase their profit margin, so that the burden of the crisis would be distributed as evenly as possible across all the participants in the market.

At the session, the Decision was amended by which the export of Eurodiesel EN 590 is temporarily banned for another 15 days, whereas the Decision on the Temporary Limiting of the Export of Wood Pellets has enabled the exporting of that product until January 31, 2023, within the set quota which amounts to 24,000 tons, it is said on the website of the Government.

As said, the amended Decree on Extending the Deadline for the Submission of Requests for a Subsidized Allocation of Safety Tractor Frames Until December 26, 2022, was also adopted, due to the large number of interested citizens.

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