Serbian ICT Exports Increase 40% – Are Startups Our Ace up the Sleeve?

The prime minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, said that, in January and February 2022, exports of information and communications technology services amounted to EUR 347 million.

– Great news: in January and February this year, exports of ICT services of EUR 347 million were recorded (42.7% more than in the same period last year) – she tweeted on her official profile, as reported by Telegraf.

The number of women in this industry is growing as well, which has not been the case historically. Ladies, more than men, now increasingly choose managerial positions, and they earn over EUR 2,000.

That said field is a huge potential for Serbia is also shown by the fact that, at the beginning of the year, it was noticed in Dubai that technological innovations were one of the most vital segments of the Serbian economy and the biggest pillars of growth and investments.

Along with that branch, there are also the agricultural-food industry and biotechnology.

It is precisely about digital Serbia and local programmers that the director of the Digital Serbia Initiative, Nebojsa Bjelotomic, recently talked about for Telegraf, revealing that “for the first time, in the world, agriculture and IT from our country are discussed in the same breath”.

– Local IT exports are growing fast. Certain segments, like startups, perhaps had their best year yet. Gaming and blockchain have brought us global recognition. I am especially glad that big players from these fields have come to our market through the acquisition of our companies – he said.

– A further integration could be expected and I am convinced that our companies will have an even greater presence. These are all positive changes, but if we’re talking about digitization on the level of the whole society, not all of us are ready yet. We have recognized the problem and we are working on it – Bjelotomic said.

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