Serbia’s c/a gap shrinks 70% y/y in Jan-Nov

Serbia’s current account deficit decreased to 1.12 billion euro ($1.22 billion) in the first eleven months of 2023, from 3.67 billion euro in the like period of 2022, the central bank said.

The deficit in trade of goods fell 33% on the year to 5.68 billion euro in January-November, while the surplus in trade of services rose by an annual 39% to 2.75 billion euro, the central bank said in a data release published on its website.

The gap in primary income widened 37% to 3.38 billion euro in the eleven-month period, whereas the surplus in secondary income shrank 3% to 5.19 billion euro.

In November alone, Serbia’s current account gap fell 18% on the year to 137 million euro.

Photo: ASK
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