Ukraine establishes two grain export routes via Romania, Poland

Ukraine has established two routes to export grain through Romania and Poland, and is holding talks with the Baltic states to add a third corridor for food exports.
The relevant statement was made by Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Dmytro Senik in a commentary to Reuters, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to Senik, global food security is at risk because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has halted Kyiv’s Black Sea grain exports, causing widespread shortages and soaring prices.

“Those routes are not perfect because it creates certain bottlenecks, but we are doing our best to develop those routes in the meantime,” Senik told journalists on the sidelines of an Asian security summit in Singapore.

A reminder that, due to Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian sea ports, the global market has not received 7 million tonnes of wheat, 14 million tonnes of corn, 3 million tonnes of sunflower oil and 3 million tonnes of sunflower press cake. In May 2022, Ukraine exported 1.743 million tonnes of grain, oilseeds and processed products by all kinds of transport, which is 180% of the April volumes.

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