Ukraine: exports and imports of goods – 2021

According to the State Statistic Service, Ukraine’s exports of goods increased by 38.4%, imports of services grew by 32.9%.
Imports of Ukrainian goods showed growth by 34% compared to 2020, exports increased by 38.4%. The State Statistic Service informs that imports of services grew by 32.9 %, exports – by 14.2 %.
The amount of exports of Ukrainian goods grew by 38.4% compared to 2020, imports of goods increased by 34.4%. Nevertheless, foreign trade balance stayed negative. Ukraine dealt with 235 countries in 2021.
The main consumers of Ukraine’s production were China (up 12.7% compared to 2020), Poland (growth by 59.7%) and Turkey (increased by 70%).
Ferrous metals (growth by 79.7%), grain crops (increased by 14.8%), fats and animal or vegetable oils were main export deliveries.
Ukraine imported mostly from China (growth by 31.9%), Germany (increased by 17.7%) and Russia (up 33.9%).
In 2021 Ukraine imported mainly mineral fuels, oils and products of their distillation (growth by 79.5%), machinery and equipment (increased by 22.9%), chemical and related industries’ production (up 32.8 %).
The amount of Ukrainian services showed growth by 14.2% compared to 2020, while imports increased by 32.9%. Due to that, the balance of foreign trade in services in 2021 was positive. Foreign trade operations were conducted with 220 countries.
In 2021 Ukrainian services were mainly exported to Russia (fall by 26.6%), the USA (growth by 34%) and Switzerland (increased by 49.1%).
Transport services (growth by 6.5), telecommunications services, computer and information services (increased by 26.4%), material resources processing services were mainly sold by Ukraine in foreign markets in 2021.
Most services were imported by Ukraine from Turkey (growth by 112%), the USA (increased by 13.5%) and the UK (up 14.4%).
Ukraine imported transport services (growth 63.4%), travel services (increased by 124.5%) and business services (up 12.3%).

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