Armenia official: Road issue hampered growth of trade with Iran

Due to the inaccessibility of the road [because of the fact that some sections of the Goris-Kapan motorway have been handed over to Azerbaijan], the expected growth rates of trade between Armenia and Iran were not achieved. The Minister of Economy of Armenia, Vahan Kerobyan, stated this at a press briefing Wednesday

He said that in 2021, this growth was 25 percent compared to in 2020, the total figure reached $500 million; and before the road was closed, the trajectory of this growth had given hope for a greater growth, but it was not achieved due to problems.

Kerobyan added that the Armenian government is implementing numerous road construction projects in Syunik Province.

The economy minister noted that he did not know if there were any problems in terms of the import of fuel from Iran to Armenia.

“There are 3-4 large importers of fuel in Armenia, and major changes are unlikely to take place in that sense,” Vahan Kerobyan added.

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