Ukraine’s trade turnover shrinks by 35%

In January 2023, Ukraine’s trade turnover totaled $7.9 billion, down 35% compared to the corresponding period in 2022.
“In January, Ukraine imported goods to the tune of $4.8 billion and exported goods to the tune of $3.1 billion. At the same time, taxed imports totaled $4.0 billion, accounting for 83% of the total volume of imported goods,” the State Customs Service informs.

According to the State Customs Service data, the major countries that Ukraine imported from were China ($910 million), Poland ($440 million), and Turkey ($424 million). Meanwhile, Ukraine exported most goods to Poland ($464 million), Romania ($285 million), and China ($284 million).

As for the total volume in January 2023, 71% of goods were machines, equipment, and transport worth $1.4 billion (UAH 8.5 billion was paid to the budget, accounting for 27% of revenues from customs payments), fuel and energy products worth $1.3 billion (UAH 9.5 billion, 30%), and chemical industry products worth $720 million (UAH 4.4 billion, 14%).

Three major exports from Ukraine are foodstuffs, metals and metal products, and machines, equipment, and transport. Almost UAH 120 million was paid to the budget for these goods, on which the export duty is established.

As reported, Ukraine’s trade turnover in 2022 was $99.7 billion. Last year, Ukraine imported goods worth $55.5 billion and exported products worth $44.2 billion.

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