Ohio and Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce Forge Economic Partnership

In a strategic move to foster international economic ties, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS) and the Ohio Development Department (ODD) have inked a Memorandum of Understanding centred on economic development, as announced by the PKS.

This groundbreaking economic agreement marks the first such collaboration between the PKS and a US state-level association, aiming to bolster and enhance economic links between Ohio and Serbia. Central to the agreement’s goals are the forging of tighter business community bonds, enticing Ohio-based company investments in Serbia, and bolstering the export of Serbian products and services to the American market.

The Memorandum was signed by Mihailo Vesović, Director of Strategic Analysis, Services, and Internationalization at PKS, and Lydia Mihalik, the Director of ODD. Present at the signing ceremony were Major General John Harris, leading the Ohio state delegation visiting Serbia, Marko Đurić, Serbian Ambassador to the US, and Christopher Hill, US Ambassador to Serbia.

Mihalik commented on the agreement, highlighting the unity of vision between Ohio and Serbia to drive economic growth and prosperity. She remarked, “Our mutual commitment paves the way for innovation, trade, and reciprocal benefits, harnessing the strength of our regions for a dynamic and prosperous future.”

General Harris underscored that this new agreement is built upon the sturdy foundation of the ongoing collaboration between Ohio and Serbia. He pointed out, “For 18 years, the Ohio National Guard and the Serbian Army have been actively participating in security cooperation activities as part of the State Partnership Program. This program encompasses visits and exchanges, military training and exercises, information-sharing, disaster preparedness cooperation, and professional development. The foundational efforts established by these activities have resulted in extensive collaboration between Ohio and Serbia, including the economic agreement signed today.”

Ambassador Hill lauded the signing of the Memorandum, stating it should inspire the remaining 49 states in the US to follow Ohio’s lead. Hill emphasized that a significant agreement like this, involving a prominent state like Ohio and an institution such as the PKS, promises to yield remarkable outcomes.

This marks the inaugural visit to Serbia by representatives of the ODD, aligning with the traditional September visit of the Ohio National Guard to the country.

The ODD is Ohio’s state agency dedicated to assisting businesses and corporations in expanding and internationalizing their operations, investing abroad, connecting with business partners, and participating in global exhibitions and events.

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