Serbia exports goods worth 3.7 billion in 2022

Serbia’s export totaled 3.7 billion Euro in the first two months of 2022, the Republic Statistics Office (RZS) said on Thursday.

It said that exports were 26.8 percent higher than in the same period a year earlier and added that imports rose by 51.7 percent to stand at 5.5 billion Euro.
Serbia’s total foreign trade in those two months stood at 9.2 billion Euro or 41.1 percent more than a year earlier. The deficit also rose compared to 2021 by 154.6 percent to stand at 1.7 billion Euro.

Exports covered 68.5 percent of imports, less than a year earlier when they accounted for 81.3 percent. Foreign trade was highest with the countries that Serbia signed free trade agreements with with European Union member states accounting for 61.5 percent of that trade and the CEFTA countries coming in second with a surplus in trade of 322.6 million Euro mainly due to exports of oil, iron and steel. Serbia’s exports to CEFTA markets totaled 535.1 million Euro with imports totaling 212.5 million.

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