Shmyhal: Ukraine will be able to recover up to 80% of pre-war exports

Ukraine has already partially resumed its exports, and the volumes will grow. The country is expected to reach up to 80% of pre-war export operations in the near future.
According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, almost 90% of Ukrainian exports of grain, ore, and other large goods went through seaports. Currently, the ports are blocked.

“Today, together with our partners, we are looking for alternative ways to restore exports. I do not want to reveal them in advance, but there are at least three alternatives and some exports are already underway. We will increase the volume, and I am practically convinced that we will be able to export 80% of the volume,” Shmyhal said in an interview with NV, Ukrinform reports.

He added that extremely large stocks of grains, which were to be exported by August, were now amassed at Ukrainian grain storages, elevators, and warehouses.

“Exports of existing surplus grain will give us $7-10 billion,” Shmyhal said.

As reported, due to Russia’s aggression, exports of Ukrainian goods halved in March, while imports saw a more than threefold decrease. In March, Ukraine exported 5.97 million tonnes of goods worth $2.7 billion against 13.1 million tonnes of goods worth $5.3 billion in February. Currently, the major exports are ores, corn, ferroalloys, and vegetable oil.

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