Serbia to Get Quotas for 2023 for Export of Cheese, Alcoholic Beverages and Cigarettes to EAEC

The Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC) will secure for Serbia customs-free importing quotas for certain kinds of cheeses, alcohol tinctures and cigarettes for 2023, Russian media report.

According to the draft decision of the EAEC, the customs-free quota of up to 400 tons a year will pertain to certain kinds of cheeses and butter.

The quota for the export to Russia is 253.53 tons, for Armenia it’s 2.07 tons, for Belarus 20.04 tons, for Kazakhstan 121.4 tons and for Kyrgyzstan 2.96 tons.

Serbia will be able to export, free of customs fees, 35 thousand liters of pure alcohol a year in the form of alcohol tinctures derived through the distilling of grape wine or grape pomace.

The quota for those markets for cigarettes amounts to two billion pieces a year.

Securing the quota for Serbia is envisaged under the agreement on the free trade zone between the EAEC and Serbia signed on October 25, 2019.

Illustration (Photo: Kokliang/

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