Vučić: “I expect the Government to terminate contract with Rio Tinto”

“I’ve talked about it with the Prime Minister several times. I don’t want to get into political debates. I’m sick of answering to the people who brought Rio Tinto. Someone passed the Mining Act in 2006 that was made for Rio Tinto, which is why they have certain rights and claims against Serbia”, he pointed out.

As he stated, we have to make rational decisions.

“The mood is such that we would terminate every deal in the Government, and thus show Serbia how much this irresponsibility has cost us before. I said that we have no right to do that because we need to provide that money and we should not indulge the people”, he said.

He added that we would have to go to British and American arbitrations if we decide to terminate contract. “You think it’s not the easiest thing for me to say that I agree with the government? I think the government will make that decision. I think a moratorium should be made by the end of the year, so that we don’t lose a huge chance and money,” he added. As he stated, he never met anyone from Rio Tinto except for two meetings.

“And I think they gave money to some people illegally. I have no evidence, and you can’t investigate that now after 15 years. They got the money to change the Mining Law. I have no evidence for that, but there is reasonable suspicion. Namely, the provision on public bidding for rights has been deleted from the law,” he added.