Ukraine extends ban on export of gas, fuel oil, salt into 2023, halts anthracite export, boost quota for coking coal export

The Ukrainian government has extended zero quotas for the export of natural gas of Ukrainian origin, liquid fuel (fuel oil), salt, and unworked and semi-wrought gold and silver and gold and silver powder into 2023.

The government’s December 27 decree containing a list of goods the export and import of which is subject to licensing was published on the governmental website on January 2, Ukrainian media said.

Under the decree, the ban was also extended to the export of anthracite, coal and briquettes, pellets and similar solid fuels derived from coal, as well as precious metal waste and scrap, the export of which, according to the latest version of a similar decree for 2022, stood at 100,000 tonnes and 2 tonnes, respectively.

Furthermore, the government extended the ban on the export of fuel wood, wood chips and particles into January-February 2023, after which these commodities will be removed from the list of goods the export of which is subject to licensing.

Meanwhile, the quota for the export of coking coal (K grade) was increased to 600,000 tonnes from the 200,000 tonnes envisaged in the 2022 decree.

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