Ukraine imported fish and seafood mostly from Norway in 2021

Ukraine imported $874 million worth of fish, crustaceans and mollusks in 2021, which is 28.6% more than in 2020.
Ukrinform reports with reference to the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics (IAE)”.

“Most fish and seafood are usually imported to Ukraine from Europe and North America. Norway has held the leading position in terms of the cost of supplies of this type of product to our country for over 15 years, totaling 35.2% in 2021,” analysts of the relevant department noted.

Other imports of fish and seafood came to Ukraine from Iceland (13.2%), the United States (7.7%), Canada (5.6%), the United Kingdom (4.7%) and Spain (4.4%).

Overall, these six countries accounted for almost 71% of imports of this group’s products to Ukraine in 2021, the IAE added.

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