Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia “closing in on” unblocking of transport routes

Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia are closing in on the opening of transport communications in South Caucasus, according to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.
The Prime Minister told a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, February 3 that the first tangible result of a special working group engaged in the matter will emerge soon.
The Deputy PMs of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan first meet in person on January 30 in Moscow to discuss new transport communications that would link Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan. New rail and road routes in the South Caucasus are expected to connect the Azerbaijani Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan with the rest of the country, for which a road will be built through the territory of Armenia. There will also be road and rail routes through the territory of Azerbaijan to connect Armenia to Russia.
He noted that a railway route through Armenia and Azerbaijan was on the table at a meeting between Armenian and Russian Prime Ministers, Mher Grigoryan and Aleksei Overchuk, as well as Oleg Belozyorov, the president of Russian Railways.
“Agreements have already been reached, an integral part of which is the fact that we must build the railway, it will operate in the territory of Armenia within the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, [and] in the territory of Azerbaijan within the legislation of Azerbaijan,” the PM said.
Grigoryan and Overchuk met in Yerevan Wednesday to discuss topical issues on the agenda of Russian-Armenian bilateral relations, including issues of trade and economic cooperation․ During the meeting, the issues of the agenda of the trilateral Working Group chaired by the Deputy Prime Ministers of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan, and the prospects for the restoration of transport communications in the South Caucasus region were also on the table.