Iran and Armenia to build joint trade and technology cities on border

During his second trip to neighboring countries after his visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Governor of East Azerbaijan Province Abedin Khorram headed a delegation of economic and commercial figures from the province to Armenia, IRNA reports.

Referring to the goals of the provincial trade and economic delegation in Armenia, Khorram noted that tracking customs and transport issues, tracking the establishment of a joint trading city on the border of the two countries and a joint technology city between Iran and Armenia are among the most important goals of this trip.

“This trip is carried out in accordance with the use of border opportunities and the development of the province’s international relations and on the basis of the powers that the government has,” Khorram told reporters.

According to him, the development of relations with neighboring countries and an active presence in regional markets is one of the main and strategic directions of the policy of the 13th government in the field of diplomacy, and “East Azerbaijan, being in the neighborhood of several important countries in the region, has a significant contribution to the implementation this policy.”

“During this trip, meetings and negotiations are also planned with government officials, such as the Minister of Economy, the Minister of the Environment, the Minister of Regional Administration and Infrastructure, the Deputy Minister of Economy of this country,” he said.

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