Roadmap for energy cooperation is signed by Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan

Parviz Shahbazov, the Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan and Azim Akhmedkhadzhaev, the First Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan (Acting Minister), met together in order to accelerate the processes related to the development of the Azerbaijan-Uzbekistan energy cooperation.
Ensuring the implementation of agreements on cooperation in the field of energy and the instructions during the visit of the head of state to Uzbekistan in June this year were discussed at the meeting.
According to minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov, it is very important to mutually assess wide opportunities for energy cooperation and to establish joint partnerships in the period of new realities, where the basis for the comprehensive development of relations between the two countries with common historical and cultural values is laid. As the minister noted, the deepening of the strategic partnership in the energy sector was actualized by the historic state visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan. The two relevant ministries of the two countries signed the Memorandum of Understanding and the road map of the joint activities on energy in Tashkent. The implementation of results-oriented measures and the development of multi-spectrum energy cooperation will be contributed to by today’s discussions.
According to Azim Akhmedkhadzhaev, there are important tasks ahead in the new stage of bilateral cooperation in the energy sector, and Uzbek and Azerbaijani experts have valuable experience in the renewable energy and hydrocarbon sector. The development of the energy sector and the economy in general in both countries will be pushed forward by the traditional friendly relations of the two countries and joint efforts.
The ministers signed a roadmap on expanding of the energy cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Uzbekistan during the meeting. 30 areas are covered by the roadmap, such as the creation of a joint working group, cooperation in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the participation of Uzbek companies in renewable energy projects, as well as joint activities in the hydrocarbon sector. The document announces cooperation between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan on export and import of oil and gas and chemical products, oil refining, as well as geological exploration and hydrocarbon production, along with the energy transition and decarbonization. The exchange of the best experiences in the fields of construction of new thermal power plants, heat supply, liberalization of energy markets, efficient use of energy resources, organize joint trainings, as well as promotion of mutual investments, and cooperation between Energy Regulatory Agencies at the expense of private investment are planned.
The implementation of measures on the roadmap is previewed for 2022-2023.

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